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Who We Are

 Welcome to Legacy Media Lab! 

We’re an award-winning, full-service media production company dedicated to the art of storytelling with purpose, passion and impact.  

Whether it’s film, scripted or non-scripted television,  documentaries, web series, or the live stage productions, our creations seek
to shine a light on important issues, elevate minds, inspire hearts, and deeply resonate with target audiences. 

Join us on this purposeful journey where every story reflects a passionate commitment to inspire a world hungry 
for authenticity, transcendent creativity and meaningful content.

Call us for a free consultation!

Services We Offer


Media Production

Engage Hearts & Minds

With decades of unparalleled international expertise in the art of storytelling and brand elevation, our team is y0ur unwavering partner on the journey to crafting and sharing your narrative. Whether it’s a local story, a national saga or an international epic, we breathe life into every word and frame with an unwavering commitment to artistry and excellence. 

Media Consulting

Stay ahead of technology

Legacy Media Lab consultants are not just experts but visionaries, weaving the most cutting-edge, set, lighting, and audiovisual strategies into a tapestry of awe-inspiring experiences. We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. 

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Media Training

Become a Total Pro

A well executed media interview is a chance to make a powerful impact, increase positive public perception of your brand and attract exciting new opportunities. Media Training will give you the skills to be successful, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and protect your reputation from devastating mistakes. 

For additional training opportunities, please visit the Coaching Studio