About Us

In March 2020, the world changed. The arrival of COVID-19 upended every aspect of our lives, work, health, and relationships almost overnight. We all experienced it.

Yet, despite the trauma, the loss, the financial stressors, the forced pause button on the rhythm of our lives, we are still here, still living, breathing…and dreaming.

The human spirit lives!

As a result, so does our human ingenuity. We’re already witnessing how innovation and technology is enabling us to stay connected, relate in new ways, grow, and keep moving forward.

Some of these pivots are proving easier than others, but they’re essential for navigating these unchartered waters. They also bring new opportunities!

The silver lining is that with the right support, possibility thinking and expertise, we can all not just adapt, but even thrive.

Legacy Media Lab has been revising its portfolio to offer a fresh suite of services and skills to help all our clients achieve new levels of success.

Here’s just a sampling of what we can do.

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Legacy offers services services in these primary areas:


  • Audio/Visual Consulting
  • Media Production
  • Video Education & Training
  • Media & Spokesperson Training
  • Image Management
  • Event Planning and Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Speech Writing
  • Strategic Communications
  • Group Facilitation

Seminars and One-on-One Coaching

For Executives

  • Media & Spokesperson Training
  • Public & Presentational Speaking

For Film and Television Producers

  • The Art and Craft of Pitching

For Actors and Directors

  • Drama Coaching
  • Script Analysis

Services are available in Spanish upon request.