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Legacy Media Lab, Inc. Recognized as a Force for Good in the World

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Legacy Media Lab, Inc. Client Review 2023

What a beautiful way to start the new year! It’s an honor to be used to be a force for good in the world, to shine a light in dark places and bring hope and healing to the hurting. The rewards are often the work itself but words of encouragement like these are a force for good our hearts, too. Thank you to our clients for expressing their appreciation so graciously.

“Intense, suspenseful, sensitive and with as much narrative urgency as any fictional feature, Legacy Media Lab’s probing video takes a candid look at the issue of the Ethiopian women lives on the edge with a gritty immediacy, capturing and exposing the deeds of an ancient hidden subcultural-tradition, and reversing it with a passionate commitment which would help bring back to life the scarred fabric of the many young women and children in Ethiopia and beyond. Once again, thank you for the brilliant and personal achievement of Legacy Media Lab under the guidance and direction of Russell and Marion Pyle. ~ Michael M. Walusko

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