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Latest Release

Standing in the Gap

Our latest documentary “Standing in the Gap” spotlights the emergence of the Nurse Freedom Network, a new coalition of brave medical professionals who are risking it all to build an independent health care system not beholden to any special interests.  

Featuring gripping interviews with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Marik, Kimberly Overton, (Founder of the Nurse Freedom Network), Kimberly Fletcher (President & Founder of Moms for America), and other leading health advocates, this half hour episode offers astonishing new insights and stirs at the heart. 

LED Video Wall Art for LKQ Headquarters in Tennessee

Renowned Southern California set and lighting designer, Russell Pyle, is showcasing a giant, 8-screen LED Video Wall for LKQ Corporation’s headquarters, in Antioch, Tennessee. 

The 22-foot-wide by 12-foot-high art piece blazes with fast moving visuals and special effects that have transformed the company’s lobby into a dazzling visual experience for visitors and staff alike.

Cable Television Series

Straight from The Tap

prsa award

This award-winning video news magazine about good  stewardship of our natural resources takes you a tour of  three spectacular residential gardens landscaped with California’s most stunning native plants. Viewers get  exciting and helpful tips from the designers who created them.  

Client: the Family of Southern California Water Agencies  Broadcast: Time Warner, Cox, Charter and Bay Area PBS

Television Hosting Work

Straight From The Tap

telly award

As host of this award-winning series, Marion gives  viewers a colorful view of the appealing lifestyle choices inside and outside the home that are good for our water  supply, our budgets and our environment.  

Client: the Family of Southern California Water Agencies  Broadcast: Time Warner, Cox, Charter and Bay Area PBS

Celebrity Interviews

  • Diane Lane (Lonesome Dove) 
  • Jeff Bridges (The Last Picture Show) 
  • Jake Gyllenhal (Brokeback Mountain) 

Three of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors pay tribute to author and screenwriter Larry McMurtry and the marvelous roles he created for them in his many award-winning films and television mini-series.  

Client: Library Foundation of Los Angeles

Literary Tribute Video

Tribute to Larry McMurtry

This stunning video retrospective of Pulitzer-prize winning author and screenwriter Larry McMurtry  features highlights of his most memorable film and television productions, as well as sparkling interviews with actors Diane Lane, Jeff Bridges, and Jake Gyllenhaal,  producer Susanne de Passe, and production designer  Polly Platt. 

Client: Library Foundation of Los Angeles  

Video Training Series

The California Mental Health Initiative

telly award twice

Homelessness in America is a visible crisis affecting men,  women and families—as well as the libraries where they  take refuge during the day. This award-winning 11-part video documentary training series takes a deep dive into this heart-wrenching world with a view to increase understanding and compassionate skills that lead to more positive and helpful interactions.  

Clients: California State Library, Southern California Library Cooperative, LA County Library, Los Angeles Public Library

Family-Friendly Episodic Television

Winning At Love, Spirit Filled Stories about Dating and Romance

A uplifting and entertaining 8-part documentary series about the amazing and unexpected ways God brings couples together. Each unique story takes viewers on an inspiring journey full of humor, faith, passion, …and surprises! 

Streaming on Bloom Today Network

Website: https://winningatlove.tv/

Non Profit Marketing and Fundraising Videos

Multiple Myeloma Survivor Stories

Approximately 1,000 people are diagnosed with Multiple  Myeloma every day. This cancer of the plasma cells attacks  and destroys our bones. In this series of inspiring stories, survivors share the groundbreaking treatments that are allowing them to live longer and more fulfilling lives.  

Client:  Institute of Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research

The Gift of Gab

In one of LA Public Library’s most beloved programs, latchkey kids find safety, mentoring, friendship, and learning thanks to the many retired grandparents who read to them after school. 

Client: Los Angeles Public Library

Heartbeats of Los Angeles

LA Public Library’s 72 branches are thriving cultural hubs stretching from San Pedro to Sylmar. Behind-the-scenes,  the Library Foundation uses fundraising, advocacy and creative programs to support such popular series such as  ALOUD, Young Literati, the Getty Gallery, camp LAPL for homeless children, and other favorite programs. 

Client: Library Foundation of Los Angeles

My Name is Subbamma

As an Untouchable girl born in India, Subbamma’s  prospects in life were dismal. But thanks to an encounter with God that healed her wounded body and saved her from suicide, her life became a courageous triumph over adversity that catapulted her and her family to positions of prominence on the global stage. 

Client: Hope for People International

Television Commercials

(English & Spanish)

Find Yourself in Mexico Campaign

clio award

In this Clio-award winning Spanish spot, U.S. Mexicans visiting their homeland are charmed by its beauty, and captivated by the warmth, hospitality and deep bonds  of family. 

Client: Mexico Ministry of Tourism
Agency: Cruz/Kravetz: IDEAS

The Adventures of Oscar and Lupita

This award-nominated series of charming spots for Kraft USA features the imaginary adventures of siblings Oscar and Lupita. 

Client:  Kraft USA
Agency: Cruz/Kravetz: IDEAS