The California Mental Health Initiative

Produced and Directed By: Russell Pyle and Marion MacKenzie Pyle, Legacy Media Lab
Story Producer: Marion MacKenzie Pyle
Casting Director: Marion MacKenzie Pyle

Clients: California State Library, Southern California Library Cooperative, LA County Library, and Los Angeles Public Library

Project Details

On any given day, California libraries welcome through their doors millions of patrons from all walks of life. Thousands of these are homeless and many are struggling with a variety of mental conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, substance abuse, and severe depression.

This video series is designed to increase understanding about those experiencing homelessness and impacted by mental illness and to train statewide librarians on how to professionally and compassionately interact with them.

Many of the reenactments are based on true stories. We invite you to watch our episodes here.