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Media Production

Brand storytelling is simply the best way to engage the hearts and minds of your audience and motivate them to take action.

Did you know that the human brain can recall 95% of a message when it’s delivered in a video, compared to 10% when it is written in a text? And if that message is wrapped in a story, our entire brain lights up!

Our team’s award-winning expertise in television, advertising, brand marketing, broadcast journalism, and the performing arts ensures that we can shape your story from script to screen in fresh and compelling ways, while always keeping cost efficiencies top of mind.

Our team also brings outstanding expertise in interviewing celebrities, cultural influencers, business leaders, scientists, legislators, and more.

We’re also seasoned at casting and directing actors, on-camera hosts and voiceover artists.

Services are available in Spanish and other languages upon request.

Our Expertise Includes
  • Brand storytelling
  • Fundraising videos
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction content
  • Video Trainings


Your Lifebook

Video Memoirs of Your Most Cherished Life Stories

Welcome to Your Lifebook, a special video project that allows you to create a Living Memoir of your life and share your stories in a unique and powerful way.

Have you longed to share your life stories with those who matter most to you? Do you have wisdom, insight and perspective that could help others find their way? Would you like to influence, teach or inspire your loved ones across cultures and even generations?


Video Tributes

Celebrating special people, achievements & events

Examples of Video Tributes Include:

  • Life achievements
  • Anniversaires
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Passing of loved ones