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Legacy Video Memoirs

Give the Gift of Your Story

We all want to be known, appreciated and feel that our life matters. The trouble is not even those closest to us know our full life story! 

Give the Gift of Your Story on video in your own words! 

Video memoirs can capture the memories, experiences, life lessons, personal insights, and wisdom for the next generation to learn from and cherish. 

It allows family members to feel the storyteller’s emotions, laughter, tears, and passions that foster a deeper emotional connection.

Video memoirs can also preserve family values, traditions and cultural backgrounds, a special heritage, creating a family history for generations to come.  

We, at Legacy Media Lab, have 30 years of award-winning Hollywood experience shaping stories full of purpose, passion and impact for television networks, digital streamers as well as corporate, non profit and public sector clients. We know how to make stories come alive! It’s all possible with these 3 simple steps (below).

A Simple, 3-Step Process

1. BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION TODAY! (Click the button below)
 We look forward to meeting you and discussing your story!

Your video memoir can be any length: 10, 20 or 30-minutes long– or longer!  We will work with you to help shape your story.

Then, we’ll video you (and others) in person or via Zoom or smartphone in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the U.S.! And we know how to make you look and sound your best. 

We will artfully edit these together with your interview(s), plus music, graphics, and other special effects. 

Ready to Share!

In a few short weeks, you’ll receive your DVD copies or flash drives with your Legacy Video Memoir to share with those you love!

And, keep in mind: These make great gifts! 

– Prices start as low as $899!

– Sign up a friend and receive an additional 10%!

– Gift Certificates are also available!

So, book a free consultation today and Give the Gift of Your Story!

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THemes Include

Affordable and scalable pricing depending on
the length and scope of your Legacy Video Memoir.

  • Autobiographical
  • Family or childhood themed
  • Event driven
  • Historical theme
  • Travel themed
  • Hobby or Talent-driven

Video Tributes

Celebrating Special People, Achievements and Events

We all have exceptional people and events in our lives that deserve special recognition.
A Video Tribute is the perfect way to memorialize that which deserves to be honored and kept as a treasured memory for years to come. 

Video Tributes can be shaped in many lengths: 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

We will include Zoom interviews with those individuals who we cannot film on camera but are essential to the story. 

You will supply us with the video, photo and digital files to be included. 

Pricing is affordable and scalable depending on the length and number of interviews. 

Commemorate those who deserve to be celebrated! Book your free consultation today!

Example tributes

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  • Life achievements
  • Anniversaires
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Passing of loved ones