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Media Training

In our media-driven world today, the rules of the game have completely changed. If doing media interviews (TV, radio, print, digital media) plays any part in your professional life, then media training is essential for your success.

Mishandling an interview can spark negative public opinion, damage reputations, cause a loss of business, and even trigger investigations.

We, at Legacy Media Lab believe that every professional deserves to have the media know-how to make a powerful impact with every interview and successfully advance his/her mission, message and brand.

You never want to make interview mistakes like these:

  • A young celebrity who did not immediately correct misconceptions about a so-called romance leading to an avalanche of false stories that hurt many people personally and professionally.
  • A pastor who fell for the reporter’s lie “This is off the record” and revealed too much about tensions among the church’s leadership resulting in a slanted story that triggered the loss of 30 percent of his congregation. 
  • A politician who, not realizing his microphone was still live after finishing a press conference made cruel and disparaging remarks about an elderly woman in his audience. The ensuing scandal irreparably damaged his career.
  • A new and over-confident CEO who bungled the science behind his company’s new product line leading to serious mistrust of his leadership and requiring months of damage control.
  • A public utility official who mishandled information about a drinking water contaminant that led to panic and uproar among the customers.

Our Legacy Media Lab team of seasoned broadcast journalists have successfully trained hundreds of legislators, political candidates, business leaders, celebrities, cultural influencers, scientists, and more. We’ve helped them become masters of their brand story and message, develop outstanding interview skills and stand out professionally.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION. Tell us who you are, what you do and the professional opportunities/challenges you are facing. Together, we’ll explore how our media training can help you successfully advance your mission, message and brand.
  2. SELECT YOUR TRAINING. We offer half-day or full day workshops for large and small groups, or one-on-one coaching. All workshops are dynamic, confidential, and include on-camera mock interviews with video playback and personalized feedback.
  3. PREPARE FOR SUCCESS. You’ll learn how the media really works, reporter tricks and techniques, best practices for different types of interviews, how to shape your messages, skillfully handle difficult questions, stay in confident control, and come across like a pro. 

What People Are Saying:

“I give Marion 5 out of 5 stars. Her knowledge of the political climate is keen. I was informed, challenged and equipped to make the best media performance possible.” (Mark Woodward, School Board candidate, Nashville, TN.)

“I can’t speak highly enough of the phenomenal media training that Marion provided. It is not a hyperbole to state that she is the best in the business.” (Lisa Ohlund, General Manager, East Orange County Water District, CA) 

“Our media training with Legacy Media Lab has been incredibly effective for Red Street Records. Their years of experience combined with their professionalism and attention to detail is refreshing. We look forward to our continued work with them.” (Mark Lusk, President & General Manager, Red Street Records, Nashville, TN.)

“Marion is a highly effective communicator and a true expert in media and communications. She media trained our new board members and volunteers to better serve the organization and facilitated our first-ever strategic planning session to help shape a new vision for the ministry. I simply could not recommend her more highly.” (Solomon Darwin, Director, Garwood Center for Corporate innovation, UC Berkeley, CA, and Executive Director of Hope for People International.)

Never again miss the opportunity to successfully advance your mission, message and brand! Book your free consultation today! 

[Services are also available in Spanish.]

learn how to
  • Understand the needs of traditional vs. digital media interviews
  • Master the distinct demands of each
  • Shape & deliver your key messages
  • Craft memorable sound bytes
  • Stay in control of the interview
  • Handle difficult questions & reporter styles
  • Make the media your ally
  • Become a trusted source for future interviews
  • Grow in confident assurance of your interview skills

Contact us to discuss a media training that best serves your needs.


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