Media Training

A well executed media interview (television, radio, print, or digital) is an opportunity to make a powerful impact. It can improve public perception of your brand, organization or leadership, attract new business, and generate unexpected opportunities.

However, mishandling an interview, especially during a crisis or social media slip, can spark negative public opinion, damage reputations and even trigger investigations.

Learn the art and craft of how to maximize every media appearance, no matter what type of traditional or social platform, and catapult your brand to the next level. The Legacy Media team includes former seasoned broadcast journalists who have successfully trained hundreds of senior executives and spokespeople from the public, corporate and non-profit sectors. We know the tricks of the trade, the demands of each media platform, and the importance of clear communication.

Our interactive workshops can be tailored for small and large groups, and we also provide one-on-one coaching.

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learn how to
  • Understand the needs of traditional vs. digital media interviews
  • Master the distinct demands of each
  • Shape & deliver your key messages
  • Craft memorable sound bytes
  • Stay in control of the interview
  • Handle difficult questions & reporter styles
  • Make the media your ally
  • Become a trusted source for future interviews
  • Grow in confident assurance of your interview skills

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The Coaching Studio

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  • Secrets to Successful Presentational Speaking
  • The Art & Craft of Pitching
  • Customized workshops tailored to your needs