“In the land of creative minds and egos, Marion is in a class of her own. She is the consummate professional. And while being fantastically creative, she also has a keen business sense and understands the concept of creative and production as a means to business results as opposed to as an end to itself as evidenced by our clients’ constant satisfaction. As a colleague, she is responsive, timely, cooperative, collaborative, very much a team player and a delight to know. I recommend Marion without hesitation to anyone looking for creative and production management talent.”

“Marion brought leadership, inspiration, creativity and polish to the pioneering state-wide television programs she led for the Metropolitan Water District. Her craft is best appreciated in the subjects she profiled on subjects such as climate change, trends in the Latino market, and conservation in ways now emulated by mainstream media.”

“Marion is a dynamic and highly-effective educator and communicator. She has a real gift of being able to communicate complex material in a clear and understandable manner to a wide variety of audiences. She excels in video presentations and interviews.”

“Marion thinks big. She is an innovator who creates unexpected solutions to business communications problems. She also thinks small. Her writing is meticulous, detail oriented, to the point and persuasive. Most importantly, she knows when to think big and when to think small! Let her speak for your brand.”

“Marion is a very experienced producer behind the camera and a natural born host/interviewer in front of the camera.  She is organized, professional, and always open to suggestions to make the project better.  We worked together on many projects for the Metropolitan Water District and several for her company Epiphany Media.  Marion is also a very nice person…and in a collaborative business like this, she is a pleasure to work with!”

“Marion is thoroughly professional and does an excellent job of organizing large project and mobilizing people to accomplish difficult tasks.  She is sensitive to the needs of others, and able to discern how best to assist them.  She is a very effective communicator and did a great job of leading a spontaneous seminar for a group of teachers [in India] on communication skills.”

“Marion is a brilliant writer, producer and voice over artist. We’ve used her for our video productions, writing skills and for voice over work. She’s a top notch pro. I highly recommend her.”

“Marion is a trusted colleague and friend. I have known Marion for more than 10 years and have always found her to be professional and businesslike in all that she does. As a program manager at the Metropolitan Water District, Marion understands and recognizes the importance of working effectively and efficiently with a variety of different constituencies. The knowledge, coupled with her strong connections to various external communities that are served by the MWD, make her a valuable and well-regarded professional in the areas of communications, public relations, public affairs and business-to-business activities. I recommend Marion highly.”

Marion has superior skills and expertise in video production, marketing and Hispanic outreach. Marion can see the bigger picture with expert clarity and handles every task and project – no matter how small – with professionalism.”


Technical Producer, Library Foundation of Los Angeles

“Russell is a seasoned and multi-faceted professional whose talents shone most notably as technical producer of the Library Foundation’s Awards Dinners of 2008 and 2009 held at the iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Russell not only managed these complex, star-studded events seamlessly, but he also produced an edited an outstanding tribute for award recipient Larry McMurtry which comprised two stunning videos than were projected simultaneously on multiple large, High-Definition screens. In 2009, in honor of recipient Tom Brokaw, Russell again oversaw all aspects of the Awards Dinner displaying his technical, as well as artistic proficiency and keen attention to detail.

Russell’s friendly and gracious manner allows his to interact seamlessly and successfully with a vast array of guest speakers, artists and performers, always delivering sterling results for a wide variety of events.”

Peter Gallagher, Technical Production, Musical Performance, Mark Taper Auditorium

“I was fortunate to appear this past fall to benefit the Gregory Peck Reading Series and Russell was in charge of all the technical aspects of a show I had never done before. He handled all the technical details without a hitch and composed a beautiful lighting plot and sound design for the show. I wish I had been able to bring him with me to Chicago. I can’t say enough about him. He helped me fulfill my vision and did so in the most professional and supportive manner. It was a real pleasure working with him. Thank you.”

“Dark Carols,” Lighting and Sound Design, Musical Performance, ALOUD series

“I cannot thank EVERYONE at ALOUD enough. I can’t. I have never had a better experience as a performer (and I’ve had terrific ones, so no pouting out there please), been better taken care of, been made to look better and sound better (BIG thanks to Russell: he is an artist to fingertips).”

“The Voice of The Prairie” — Theatre Directing

Thanks to [Russell] Pyle’s over-arching vision of Olive’s material, the transitions from present to past – form storytelling to reality – are seamless as a dream play.”

Bethune Theatredanse Performance – Lighting Design

“Bethune Theatredanse is a multimedia dance theatre utilizing video and special effects within our production. Russell Pyle has worked with us on two full length productions with a full understanding of the scope needed to balance dance, effects technology, and the stage craft of lighting. He is creative, efficient and always professional. We look forward to future work with him. I could not recommend him more highly.”

“Rose of the Rancho,” Teatro Campesino, Set and Lighting Design

“Thanks to set designer Russell Pyle’s amazing fold-out hacienda rooftop and a few noisy salvos from fire-belching muskets, the climactic skirmish has all the immediacy of an elaborate Hollywood showdown.”

“Aucassin and Nicolette,” Theatre Set Design

“The real star of “A and N” is creative designer Russell Pyle. Give Pyle his head and a $50 budget and he’ll come up with an original, captivating concept. A seemingly bare stage becomes a dozen different settings as sections of boarded wall are lowered to form bridges, ledges, boudoirs, and royal court rooms. It’s quite magical and in perfect harmony with the fairy-tale aura of the vehicle.”